Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Naturally Comfortable Restorations for Wauconda

CERECĀ® Technology for One-Appointment Crowns

With CEREC, we can create and permanently place a custom ceramic crown in just one visit.

Without this amazing technology, it would take two visits to have a crown made and placed. On your first visit, we would take an impression of your tooth, send that mold to the lab and wait for them to send us back your ceramic crown.

In the meantime, we would fabricate and place a temporary crown for you to wear for a couple of weeks until the permanent one arrived from the lab.

When we received the final crown, you would have to come back for another appointment, have the temporary removed and the permanent crown placed.

CEREC puts an end to the two office visits, the inconvenience and the need for two separate dental procedures.

First, CEREC takes a digital image of your tooth. Then, using CAD/CAM technology, it carves a precise restoration out of solid block ceramic. Once the restoration is finished, we can immediately place it on your tooth.

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