Wauconda Oral Hygiene Care

Wauconda Oral Hygiene Care

Clean, Healthy, Comfortable

Regular cleanings make your smile shine! They prevent a build-up of stains, keep your gums in top shape and clear away harmful bacteria. No matter how often or carefully you brush and floss, home hygiene just isn’t enough. Tartar builds up near the saliva glands and under the gum line where your toothbrush just can’t reach.

A six-month dental cleaning helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and can aid in the reduction of your risk to heart disease and strokes. And to complement your regular cleanings, we recommend fluoride treatments. Long considered mainly for children, fluoride treatments have been proven tremendously beneficial for adults as well. Fluoride stops the progress of newly formed cavities, reduces tooth sensitivity and adult root caries can be greatly reduced through these treatments. Cutting edge health can start with your mouth.

Advanced hygiene gives us another way to care for your body while caring for your mouth. Healthy gums are the first step to complete oral health – and complete oral health can protect and ensure your long-term physical health.

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